The Price is Right!

Everybody wants to know, “How much will it cost?”
That’s a really good question. Most people think it’s a combination of alchemy, artistry,and just playing guesstimation that provides a correct and fair price for painting, but it’s much more involved than that.
The way we determine prices is very comprehensive :

  1. We measure the areas that are to be painted after a thorough discussion with continue reading article
Decorative Finishes

Decorative Finishes

You can dress it up with patio furniture, surround it with a killer Kyoto garden and goldfish pond, and keep it swept and gleaming from a fresh hose-off. But concrete is still unattractive, or at the very least, boring. “People are realizing all of a sudden that they have all of this ugly, gray concrete and there are a multitude of solutions,” continue reading article