Color Anxiety, anyone? I’ve got an App for that.

I hear it all the time.  “We need to paint the ______ so badly, but just can’t decide what color(s) to use.”
The Two images below are a great example.  We were called to paint a beautiful house in the Cobden, Illinois area in the Fall of 2015.  The owners, Harold & Ann Shaw, had purchased the house and were ready to move in, but the existing colors just didn’t work for them.  The existing wall color was simply “Too Hot.”  Check out the First image below (Before), and you’ll see what I mean.  Anne & Harold asked me for suggestions about colors, and said that they had a range of colors in mind.  I applied a sample of the paint that they had purchased to the Kitchen walls; it was a Rose color.  It looked wrong the moment that I applied a sample. My clients hated it, despite the fact that they’d chosen that color and purchased two gallons of the Kitchen wall paint themselves.
I immediately went to my van and brought in my fan deck with about 1200 colors in it.
I suggested a Light Tan/Gold color that would complement the natural wooden beams, tongue-in-groove ceiling, as well and the doors/frames/baseboards, and the floor.
They liked my suggestions on color, so off to the paint store I went.  The next morning, I applied a few samples of the color around the house, and they gave it the “Thumbs Up!”
We used this color throughout almost the entire house, and my clients are very Happy with the results.  Check out the Second image below (After), and notice how the Wall color harmonizes with the Honey tones of the wooden surfaces, and complements the darker tones of the Ceiling.
I felt Delighted to have gotten another “WIN” for my clients, and solved another case of “Color Anxiety.”  Even better, Harold & Ann Shaw have “threatened” to have our crew back to paint for them in the near future.  We’re looking forward to an Encore Performance!

Are you or anyone you know suffering from the dreaded “Color Anxiety?”

If so, please contact me by web, email, or phone, and I”ll help you solve the problem for your home or business.

Kitchen with Red Walls-Before

Kitchen with Red Walls-Before

Kitchen-After Painting
Kitchen-After Painting