How to save thousands of dollars on kitchen cabinet renovation!

Cabinets Before and After

With the average cost of cabinet replacement in a small to medium sized kitchen exceeding $10,000, one might wonder what other alternatives are available to a 5+ figure investment and having a kitchen disabled for several weeks while not only demolishing the existing cabinets, but choosing and installing a new sink, counter-tops, appliances as well.

Here’s a great way to save yourself a ton of money!

Did you know that we can we finish your kitchen cabinets in about 4 to 5 days for an average price of $3,500-$4000.00?

The Finished cabinets will look like the samples that you see in the stores and online.

Here’s how we’ll transform your Cabinets in FIVE DAYS:

(We can also prepare and paint the adjacent Ceilings, Walls, and Trim while we’re at it.)

  1. We cover up the kitchen  countertops and floors, as well as protect the walls from overspray using plastic and masking tape.
  2. We wipe the cabinets down with a degreasing detergent such as Dawn.
  3. We  lightly scuff sand all cabinetry with Scotch Brite pads and fine grit sandpaper after we remove the doors, drawers or drawer fronts, and hardware.
  4. We wipe the cabinets with a product called Gloss Off Cleaner, which cleans and chemically etches the surfaces to be painted. 5.  We spray a coat of  Zinsser White shellac bonding primer on the doors, drawers, and cabinets boxes.  This primer is a great bonding and stain blocking primer that sticks to virtually anything and seals most stains.  Two different types of sprayers are used to achieve a smooth finish:  Either an Air assisted airless sprayer or an HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) turbine sprayer.
  5. We caulk any visible gaps and fill any visible nail holes or damaged areas with spackle, and then lightly sand all surfaces, followed by a vacuuming and wiping.
  6. We apply (spray) TWO COATS  of Sherwin-Williams top-of-the-line Pro Classic semi gloss latex enamel paint in a color of your choice.  Most of our clients select a warm Off White color for their cabinets.  However, we recently repaired and painted the Kitchen cabinets for the President of Aisin, who lives in the Kokopelli subdivision in Marion, a deep Reddish/Burgundy color. (He wanted us to match the dark wood adjacent to the cabinets.  Also, if you prefer a darker look to your stained and varnished cabinets, we can overstain them to a darker tone instead of painting them.)
  7.  Finally, we re-install the doors and drawers, as well as the existing (or new)hardware.
  8. The work area is vacuumed after we unmask the non-paint surfaces, clean up, and walk away leaving you with a clean and beautiful new kitchen for a fraction of the cost of buying and installing new cabinets and new counter-tops.

We can also glaze and varnish the painted cabinets, as well as do beautiful custom distressed or non-distressed finishes with our special Old World Cabinet Paint from Faux Effects International.  We can usually duplicate a finish that is on a cabinet door on display at any of the big box stores, or from a printed or online image.  When doing custom cabinet refinishing, we’ll do a sample door for your approval prior to starting the project if the finish is more involved than painting.

We’ll gladly customize your cabinets for you.

Please check out our website and or call 618-529-8128 to set a time for a visit.