Edwards Cabinet project, Carbondale, IL. July 2015

The Gray is the new Black! (For at least the Next 5 Years)

We’ve painted many colors on and in  many homes and business over the last 40 years or so.  We’ve certainly noticed more of our Residential and Commercial clients trending away from mostly Whites and Off Whites towards the lighter and medium tones of Gray.  

A recent article confirms what we’ve been experiencing for the last several years, at least since 2012. An continue reading article

Pool Area

Bernstein Painting & Decorative Finishes Announces, “A New Direction for 2016.”

After much reflection and beginning my 41st year in the Painting business, I’ve decided to increase our services in the light commercial painting areas  Great examples are the photo of the Carbondale Hampton Inn (Photo above). Our team completed work on the Pool & Patio area in late 2014. While we’ll continue to serve our 500 or so  Loyal Residential and Commercial continue reading article

The Price is Right!

Everybody wants to know, “How much will it cost?”
That’s a really good question. Most people think it’s a combination of alchemy, artistry,and just playing guesstimation that provides a correct and fair price for painting, but it’s much more involved than that.
The way we determine prices is very comprehensive :

  1. We measure the areas that are to be painted after a thorough discussion with continue reading article
Cabinets Before and After

How to save thousands of dollars on kitchen cabinet renovation!

With the average cost of cabinet replacement in a small to medium sized kitchen exceeding $10,000, one might wonder what other alternatives are available to a 5+ figure investment and having a kitchen disabled for several weeks while not only demolishing the existing cabinets, but choosing and installing a new sink, counter-tops, appliances as well.

Here’s a great way to save yourself a continue reading article

How difficult is it to remove the wallpaper from my Walls?

Stripping wallpaper is a task is approached with great anxiety by most homeowners.

In fact, stripping wallpaper is one of the leading reasons for the precipitous decline in wallpaper sales over the last several decades. Combined with fly by night wallpaper installers who don’t prime the walls before installing the paper, stripping the paper off unprimed walls can be a real nightmare for continue reading article

Decorative Finishes

Decorative Finishes

You can dress it up with patio furniture, surround it with a killer Kyoto garden and goldfish pond, and keep it swept and gleaming from a fresh hose-off. But concrete is still unattractive, or at the very least, boring. “People are realizing all of a sudden that they have all of this ugly, gray concrete and there are a multitude of solutions,” continue reading article

Deck Restoration

Deck Maintenance

Charlene Sarver set out to restore the deck of her log home on her own. But after a half-hour of spraying vigorously with a power washer, only one little board of her three-quarter wrap-around deck was clean. Restoring the behemoth to its former beauty proved to be far more time-consuming than Sarver realized, so she went to the professionals and never looked continue reading article